Jetson TX2 JetPack4.2 Multimedia sample/07_video_convert issue

I use opencv-3.3.1 line and putText function put osd on rgb image, use video_convert convert it to nv12 , then i get a black osd image。
convert cmd:
cd tegra_multimedia_api/samples/07_video_convert
sudo ./video_convert …/src.rgb 1920 1080 ABGR32 …/dst.yuv 1920 1080 NV12M
thanks (3.08 MB)

I can see dst.yuv in freeware 7yuv:
External Media
Plase use 7yuv as the tool.

thanks for your reply, my question is osd color changed. please see src.rgb , example: “No TF Card” should be red. src.rgb is a ABGR image.

We can observe the issue and are checking. Will update.

what time is it update? i can download it from where?

We are still checking the issue.

Please notify me if there is any update. Online, etc.

The issue is because alpha channel is not correct. For white color, it should be

255 255 255 255

But in attached src.rgb, it is

255 255 255 0

When alpha channel is 0, it is completely dark. You may refer to

Please do what is suggested in below post:

*edit* I have discovered that setting the alpha to 255 would fix my problem.

The problem is solved,thank you.