Jetson TX2 lead time in the US

Dear NVidia representatives,

Please give us some idea about when NVidia will start shipping Jetson modules again.
Since the beginning of 2021, your only reseller in the US - - says that the lead time for any Jetson modules is 34 weeks - seems like a placeholder value for ‘we do not know.’

The only place to get TX2 modules is occasional listings of refurbished items on ebay. And even there, scaper prices are just ridiculous Nvidia P3310 Module 8GB RAM 900-83310-0001-000 135-0807-001 for Jetson TX2 | eBay

We put some money and resources into developing our solution around the Jetson platform, and without being able to purchase the modules we need to look for alternative platforms.

Are you planning to re-start the production and shipments anytime soon?


If your solution does not require Ethernet on the Jetson module, we have just created two new temporary SKUs:

  • Jetson TX2 without Ethernet: 900-83310-0011-000
  • Jetson TX2 4GB w/o Ethernet: 900-83489-0010-000

Please reach out to your local distributor and reference these part numbers if you can use them.

Are you planning to re-start the production and shipments anytime soon?

Production has not stopped for the normal Jetson TX2 SKUs, though volume has of course been low. We hope the temporary SKUs without Ethernet will help until supply issues resolve.

Unfortunately, our solution boots up Jetson modules over PXE and communicates with them over Ethernet network, so these temp SKUs make no good for us.

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