Jetson TX2 Minimum Voltage

I am doing some research about DVFS on Jetson TX2. We found a way of reading CPU voltage:
cat /sys/kernel/debug/bpmp/debug/regulator/vdd_cpu/voltage
Here are our reading results:
Frequency (GHz) Voltage (V)
2.04 0.85996
1.88 0.829882
1.73 0.758984
1.57 0.728906
1.42 0.688085
1.27 0.658007
1.11 0.638671
0.96 0.638671
0.81 0.638671
0.65 0.638671
0.499 0.638671
0.35 0.638671
The above results show that the cpu voltage is not going down after 1.11GHz. But from the webpage - CPU Voltage Scaling, 4.x_Linux_DPX_SDK, both A57 and Denver are possible to have even lower voltage levels.
So, my question is that is there any minimum voltage setting on TX2? If so, where can we configure the minimum voltage setting?


Hi, DVFS is a kind of auto setting of SoC based on workload and can not be changed by customer.

Thanks for your quick response. I think it is not an auto setting. Because we are able to configure the frequency by setting the governor to userspace and write a new frequency to the file.

The question is about the voltage configuration on TX2, is there any minimum voltage setting on TX2? And where to check the voltage configuration?


The minimum voltage can be shown in

cat /sys/kernel/debug/bpmp/debug/regulator/vdd_cpu/min_uv

The DVFS is not allowed for user to change.

Thanks for your answer! One more question. Is it possible to change the value in min_uv? If so, how to edit the file in a safe way? Looking forward to your reply! Thanks in advance!

No, we don’t suggest to change it. Already replied in previous comment.