Jetson TX2 mpcie PERST signal

Hi All,

I have Jetson TX2 SOM connected with connecttech Elroy carrier board in mpcie mode with 32.1 L4T kernel. and I have mpcie slave board which needs 5V-2A, +3.3Vaux. I give 12V power to elroy board.
which internally +3.3Vaux from elroy’s mpcie slot. at the same time I give 5V power to mpcie slave
as well.according to my mpcie slave device datasheet, 5V(T1),3.3Vaux(T2) I can give same time and PERST(T3) signal time should be less than 250ms(w.r.t T1,T2). so I checked in kernel/drivers/pci/host/pci/pci-tegra.c,in tegra_pcie_port_reset() function, this function has 2ms delay. So Do I need to
add more delay? Is PERST toggle time in driver is standard one?


Hi, i think you need to check with vendor for this. Basically this kind of third-party board should have been validated already.