jetson tx2 multimedia api Frontend example questions: Convert H264/H265 files to mp4 format and obje...

I’m playing with the Frontend example from multimedia api example. The capatured video are all saved as either h264 or h265 format. Is there any way to convert them into mp4 file format? My use case is:

The first CSI camera is capturing, saving the mp4 file to storage. Meanwhile, the frame is used to do object detection.
In the mean time, the second CSI camera is saving the mp4 file, and send stream to the display rendering.

My second question is, is that possible to do dual camera object detection for jetson TX2. When I use tegrastat to check performance for the Frontend example, I see “GR3D_FREQ 99%@1032”, which means the GPU almost use 99%.

For muxing into mp4, you may integrate with gstreamer. Here is a sample:

It should also work to integrate with ffmpeg. Other users may have similar experience to share with you.

For launching multiple camera sources, please refer to 13_multi_camera