Jetson TX2 network stuck with direct connection

I have jetson tx2 with carrier board that doesn’t have HDMI.

I have to boot vanilla kernel with following options:

This jetson is connected directly to intel i350 NIC without router.

After start I experience problems with network: it becomes stuck. Ping raises from 0,1ms to 200ms and NFS doesn’t work.

Is it a well-known issue? Maybe I have to tune eqos network driver somehow?

Hi maxlapshin,

The clues are not sufficient for us. Could you share the result of iperf?
This is not a well-known issue.

Iperf will not help you: it shows 800 megabits then nothing.

jetson_clocks tool cured the problem: I run it and also I fix several other frequencies to maximum. With all this measures it starts working.