I bought Jetson TX2 with carrier board of WeAct studio. When powered on, the processor is working and cooling fan is also working. But the monitor connected through HDMI shows " NO Signals ". Please help in trouble shooting.

One would normally use a serial console log to debug since most of the time it is a video issue, but otherwise the system is fully up and running. Do keep in mind that if the monitor has something unusual going on, e.g., it uses an adapter on VGA, then this is likely a problem. Jetsons must use HDMI or DisplayPort (sometimes digital DVI will work) since these have “plug-n-play” information (adapters to VGA will cause plug-n-play information to fail).

However, in the end, you will need to flash the Jetson once. Because it uses a custom carrier board it means the flashed software will need custom firmware (the device tree). NVIDIA will have no idea of what the correct firmware is for such a case, so you’ll need to use the board support package (BSP) of the vendor of the carrier board. One of these will apply:

  • They will provide the flash software to use (which will run on Ubuntu 18.04 or 20.04).
  • They will provide a patch to the NVIDIA software, and then you can use the NVIDIA downloads (the patch will be a device tree change).
  • They will state that the carrier board electrical layout is an exact match to the reference carrier board, and thus that you can use NVIDIA’s BSP instead of theirs.

Jetsons don’t have a BIOS, and so part of the flash is the equivalent of a BIOS, plus boot software. This is why you need a separate Ubuntu 18.04 or 20.04 host PC for flashing.

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