Jetson tx2 no network and cant into graphic interface

tegradc 15210000.nvdisplay:unblank


Please do not just leave one line and some photos here.

Such issue needs more detail and full log.

What carrier are you using?
Did you modify anything in kernel or userspace?
What release are you using?

I saw eqos has set up and interface with 100Mbps. Why did you say there is no network? What test did you try?

I use Jetsontx2, and kernel 4.4.38 version. I deleted the system files by mistake. As a result, I cannot connect to the Internet. I typed sudo apt-get update and the download failed, and the installation failed.


How about just flashing it with jetpack again?

When you said “kernel 4.4.38”, is it from jetpack?

I deleted the system files by mistake

Could you restore it by reinstalling jetpack?

My tx2 is Jetpack3.2.1python3.5, I want to install tensorflow-gpu1.8.0, how do I install it, the wheel connection I found in the forum has been invalid, can you send me a copy?

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