Jetson TX2 not booting after secure flash with modified partition layout

I am currently seeing failed secure boot with modified partition layout which ends up in this kind of error on very early phase on the boot: " ERROR: Highest Layer Module = 0x1d, Lowest Layer Module = 0x1d, Aux Info = 0x0, Reason = 0x8". Flashing and signing process are working ok, atleast from tegraflash point of view and on device side, there is no errors on flashing process.

When flashing signed firmware (with modified partition layout), device ends up in boot loop with above mentioned error message.

With unchanged partition map device boots up ok.

Is there more detailed document about boot errors?

hello janne.savolainen,

may I know what’s the modification you had done, please share the modification if possible.
in addition, could you please connect the board via serial port to gather bootloader messages.

Actually this got sorted out :) Reason was that partitions sizes for cboot.bin differed and that caused this kind of error output from serial port.