Jetson TX2 not working after reinstalling

I had a Connect Tech Inc Astro Carrier board connected to my tx2 and was working fine. However, when I was trying to flash it by reinstalling it onto the Developer kit(the base board that came with the jetson), the fans stopped working and the system wouldn’t boot up anymore even after I reconnect it to the Astro carrier. Would someone please tell me what’s wrong with my board and how to fix it? Thanks!

The device tree and boot setup differs with different carriers. You’ll have to flash it with the correct BSP. R28.2.1 is the current L4T version. See:

If you want to clone the rootfs for reference, then take a look here:

It is a bad idea to mix restore via clone from one release to another, but you could for example re-flash later with the same Connect Tech carrier board BSP and use that clone, or just examine the clone later on loopback mount.

Thanks for the reply!

However, I am not even sure if I could boot up the Jetson at this point. The device does get hot, and the LED lights do light, but none of the ports would work and I don’t know if . I understand that I need to flash the device and this is my first attempt to flash it. That’s actually the reason why I tried to disconnect my Jetson with my carrier board because Astro lacks the Micro-usb port which is apparently needed for flashing. Could you please tell me what I should do at this point?

Recovery mode is used for flash. Boot is not needed. I’m not sure what conflicts might exist by using the BSP of the wrong carrier, but without a fan I’m sure it’ll heat up more…I couldn’t say if it is harmful or not.

If this is on the Jetson dev board, then connect the micro-B USB cable to your host. Hold the recovery button down, and if off tap the “on” button. If already on, hold down the recovery button, then tap the “reset” button. On your host you should see something from:

lsusb -d 0955:7c18

If you get some output showing the device exists, then you are good to flash. If not, then there may be damage. Do try to use the micro-B USB cable which comes with the Jetson dev kit though since many “charger” and cheap smart phone cables have really low quality when used for data (many will show with “lsusb”, but then fail in the middle of flash).

If you cannot get recovery mode to show up, then examine all of the connector pins for damage. Also beware that some third party power sources are not reliable at the moment of power on (there is a tiny spike in current draw and if voltage drops it won’t actually boot…the provided power source is known good).