Jetson TX2 NX Custom Board PCIe as second USB 3.0


I designing a custom carrier board for the Jetson TX2 NX.

I need at least two USB 3.0 connections to the Jetson for my application.

The pinmux spreadsheet provided by Nvidia allows me to set pins in the UPHY section for PCIE0 to superspeed pins for a USB 3.0 interface similar to the TX2.

I see the datasheet only advertises a single USB 3.0 connection.

Could I simply set the pinmux correctly and skip out on an external USB hub if I do not plan on using the PCIE0 pins for a PCIE application?
Would this be supported?


No, this is not supported on TX2-NX.

Hi WayneWWW,

Thanks for the quick reply

Can you explain a little further?
Is the same processor not used on both the Jetson TX2 and the Jetson TX2-NX?
Is it a software limitation or a hardware limitation?

A follow up question, why is it still available in the Jetson TX2-NX pinmux spreadsheet?


We don’t support to change lane mapping ever since jetson nano was released. I know that they are all SoCs as those which were released on other old platforms. And I know what you want to do here.

But we only support user to use the mapping mentioned over the product design guide for these new platforms now.

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