Jetson TX2 NX custom carrier board bring-up

I am new for Jetson, I am now trying to bring-up our custom TX2 NX carrier board. The module can work fine on Nvidia official carrier board, but on our carrier board, it always enter recovery mode, the PC can only recognized APX device. Even if we set the FORCE_RECOVERY to floating or high, it still cannot enter ubuntu…
We confirmed the Power Up Sequence is correct (checked VDD_IN, SHUTDOWN_REQ, POWER_EN and SYS_RESET).
Is the EEPROM necessary for bring-up? How can I write correct data to EEPROM? How to skip the EEPROM check?


Have you followed and checked TX2 NX bringup guide? See NVIDIA Jetson Linux Driver Package Software Features : Jetson Module Adaptation and Bring-Up | NVIDIA Docs

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