Jetson TX2 NX Ethernet Interrupt Pin

Hello everyone,
While checking the dtsi files as well as the Jetson TX2 NX product design guide I found an inconsistency.

As you can see in figure 6-9, the interrupt pin for the ethernet phy should be DMIC4_CLK (corresponding to pin M.05)

On the other hand if you check tegra186-p3636-0001-a00-eqos.dtsi the pin used for the interrupt is AA.07 (can_gpio7)

I found a third unused dtsi called tegra186-platforms-eqos.dtsi where nvidia,phy-intr-gpio is in fact pin M.05

So, which is the right pin for this interruption and what is the correct way of using that pin?

Best Regards,
Juan Pablo.


Thanks for reporting this. The design guide is wrong. The TX2-NX PHY interrupt is using AA.07.

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