Jetson TX2 NX IMX477 Kernel

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We have not managed to find any drivers for the IMX477 sensor available for the Jetson TX2 NX. We also saw that the L4T 32.6 release will bring native support for the IMX477 on the Jetson Nano 4GB (Here).

I have 2 questions here:

The first one is if this IMX477 support is also coming for the TX2 NX, and the second one is if this native support isn’t coming to the TX2 NX, what kernel modifications are necessary in order to make this sensor work.

Looks like not ready for TX2 NX on r32.6 maybe r32.6.2
Modify the device tree to support it it native not support.

Hi @Andre_Antunes,

RidgeRun Engineering developed in collaboration with NVIDIA Corporation, and Leopard Imaging Inc. patches to support the IMX477 in the Jetson Nano and Xavier, so you can use these as a base for your modifications, maybe substancial changes are needed for the driver but at least you can take the patches as a starting point.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need any further support for driver or application development. You can read more about our services at:

Please let me know if my answer suits you well, or if there is any other doubt that I might be able to support you with.

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Roberto Gutierrez
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Thank you for all the links and suggestions, we are now trying to come up with a solution to the driver issue!

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Hi guys, after looking at the files provided by @robertogs2 we managed to get most of the way to a working driver but cant find the imx477.c file.
We downloaded the sources but can’t find the imx477.c file at sources/kernel/nvidia/drivers/media/i2c/imx477.c like it says on your patch file. Is this file provided elsewhere or was it made by RidgeRun?

A little help here would be really appreciated :)

Hi @Andre_Antunes,

Sorry for the late response

You can find the imx477 source file inside the 32.6.1 sources, which sources are you using?

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Hey! Any updates on this front? I’m looking for the same driver support of the IMX477 on the TX2 NX.