Jetson TX2 NX not booting (even with force recovery...)


I had to change kernel settings because I was not having access to the 2nd HDMI of Jetson TX2 NX. By setting both DP and HDMI status to okay under the same sor, I might have broke the kernel, leading the Jetson to not turn on.

Afterward, I’ve tried to enter with recovery mode, but also without success.


  1. Power Plug;
  2. Jumper on Force Recovery;
  3. Jumper on System Reset;
  4. Remove System Reset;
  5. Remove Force Recovery;

Any idea how to solve this issue? Any workaround to reset this Jetson?

Changing kernel does not affect the recovery mode. Did you every flash your board before?

I mean do you know the setup and connection between your host and tx2-nx?

I’ve flashed the board before. And it’s possible to reflash. However, I want to access the Jetson in recovery mode, in order not to lose the current kernel/files.

You misunderstand the function of recovery mode.
Recovery mode is only for flashing. There is OS running when the board is in recovery mode.

What you can do is clone the rootfs in recovery mode, edit the clone to revert changes, and then flash using the clone instead of a generic image. This requires a lot of disk space and time on the host PC though, so be prepared. This also assumes it is an eMMC model. The SD card model is much easier to deal with, so you would need to state which model (SD dev kit model or eMMC module) you are referring to.

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