Hello everyone,
I’m currently searching for possible reasons why a kworker related to the ether_qos is using a lot of CPU resources and a coworker noticed there is an error message regarding pllrefe_vcoout not being configured.

I’ve confirmed that there is no mention of this clock on any of the TX2 dts files but I’ve found it to be configured on Xavier devices. I’ve also checked on the TRM for the TX2 family but I couldn’t find much information on this feature.

Is there a reason why this clock is not configured on the TX2 or is it a mistake?

Best Regards,
Juan Pablo Tettamanti

That line is just a warning but not error.
This clk does not exist in T186 SoC.
The eqos driver is shared between T186 and T194 SoC and only T194 (Xavier) series are using pllrefe_vcoout

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