Jetson TX2 NX with L4T 32.7.1 display goes blank after reboot


Custom carrier board with TX2 NX module
L4T 32.7.1 - Custom BSP/Nvidia Stock BSP without any change.

I face a strange problem, I am able to flash the BSP and able to login to desktop and the board+ module works completely fine.

But when I flash it from another host machine, I find below issue - It flashes without error, OEM configuration is fine and able to log on to desktop. If I reboot the TX2 NX, then the display goes blank(backlight is still on), Keyboard, mouse and other interfaces are still up. I changed the Displays.

I concluded the issue in the host machine but not sure what might be the problem.

Both host machines are of Ububtu 18.04 but one with different CPU/RAM config. I tried this with another 2 set of host machines and same one works and another do not. Please guide me on what can be looked into or how to resolve the issue.

I could not monitor the debug logs as I have some issue in debug UART.

The CPU or RAM diff on your host machines do not matter. I guess it is some dtb or rootfs diff between these two hosts.

No log, then no further info I can provide.


We have tried flashing stock BSP 32.6.1 and 32.7.2 we found below results:
stock BSP 32.6.1 – We are able to flash the module and it boots to OS/desktop and works fine
stock BSP 32.7.1/32.7.2 - We able to flash and it enters to OEM configuration and at the end after configuration it goes to auto reboot and then no display. We see USB mouse and keyboard are active. We used the same host machine for all the flashing.

Can you check this?

Just want to ask how many times shall I tell you that you should provide a log to us? You’ve been active over this forum for near 2 years. Why are you still not able know how to file a topic? If you are a account shared by lots of people, could you people aligned this kind of rule first?

There is no other users reporting 32.7.1 cannot enter desktop or reboot except you. You cannot just ask me “oh could you check this?” and share nothing.

We checked, not able to reproduce such issue on my side.

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