Jetson Tx2 Pci Express Slots And Camera Devices Randomly Changing, How To Fix Them?

Hello there;

I have 2 video cards and multiple cameras connected to my test system.

When power is given the first time /dev/video* locations come in random. I need to reboot one or more time for them to come to their correct destinations on /dev/video*.

I use cameras on different resolutions, and these randomness causes problem for me.

How can I fix their location at startup. Should I write a rule or something?

What kind of connection are the cameras using? If this were USB I’d understand how enumeration order would cause one or the other to get the first number, but PCIe enumeration order should always be in the same order if the PCIe slots don’t change. Are the PCIe cards USB expansion? Ethernet?

I use 2 pcie video cards. They are connected into pcie slots.

Cameras are connected video card, and video cards are connected to board in pcie slots.

I use ConnecTech Elroy Carrier Board For TX2/TX2i.

If you need I can give more information after asking to my collegue.

hello osmanberkx0x,

device registration usually refer to device tree, please check your sensor device tree settings.
you might refer to Sensor Software Driver Programming Guide for details.
please also check below kernel sources for reference device tree configurations.