Jetson Tx2 + PCI

I have a wifi card sitting in M.2 connector (PCI intf). When I do lspci, I can see the device listed.

But /sys/bus/pci/<>/enable reads 0. Is that not be 1?
Kindly clarify


What kind of device are you using? Could you share the dmesg ?
It should be “1”. I just tried pcie LAN card on my TX2 and it shows enable=1.

Hi Wayne,
thanks for the reply. I use a wifi card that uses FMAC driver. Sorry that I will not be able to share dmesg currenly.
“pcie_attach_bus: dongle is not responding” I see this message.

This wifi card uses FMAC driver.

Have you ever tested FMAC with Jetson Tx2?


No, we didn’t verify FMAC driver before. Waiting for you to share the full dmesg and lspci -vvv.