Jetson tx2 PCLe port and connected external video card.


Is there possible using Jetson tx2 via PCLe port to connect external video card who will be recognized by the linux system ? Anyone done that and can share how to do that ?

This is not an answer, but you should keep this in mind. The video driver for the built-in NVIDIA GPU is for that specific hardware…hardware which does not use the PCIe bus…this hardware is wired directly into the memory controller. This means the existing driver does not support any PCIe based NVIDIA video cards. You would have to install a driver which understands PCIe.

The PCIe-based NVIDIA drivers do not support the ARMv8-a architecture. The software-only Nouveau driver would work, but no GPU access or acceleration of any kind would be used…all rendering and work would be from the CPU.

Other video cards may have hardware accelerated ARMv8-a drivers, but I do not know which if any.