Jetson TX2 Power Up issue: POWER_BTN# not going up on Custom Board


I’m using a Jetson Tx2 on a custom carrier board, I’ve build several of this boards, following the OEM Guide. Almost all board works fine.
Only one board is give me the following problem:

I powered up the board with 12 V on the main supply.
I check the 12 V voltage with a microcontroller and as it reach the nominal voltage level it assert the VIN_PWR_BAD# which is pulled up inside the module to 5V, this pins work fine, I measured the voltage.

The boards implements the power-up procedure correctly, it’s been tested on other board.

According to the guide, the voltage of the POWER_BTN# pin should going high to 5V 8.8 ms after supplying the main voltage to the Jetson but it stays always 0 V. The mosfet swich is working high, there’s no voltage on the pin.

I’m 100% sure that the microcontroller doesn’t drive the POWER_BTN# low, I’ve removed the mos leaving everything unconnected and I have no voltage on the POWER_BTN# pin (B50) so I can’t drive it low to boot the jetson

The module is working fine on other boards so it’s a carrier board related/tx2 carrier-module interation.

The RESET_OUT# pin is keeped low from the carrier board as expected, same as all the voltages of the board (including 1v8)

Which other pins should I check that might prevent the POWER BTN# from going high other than pins in Figure 8? any peripherals or method to debug the power section of the Tx2? Any Ideas?

Thank you in advance


Hi, since it is a custom board and you’ve “built several of this boards, following the OEM Guide. Almost all board works fine.”, you should check the board and compare to other normal boards to find out root cause, it looks like a soldering or component issue.

Hello Trumany,

Yes I’m in the phase of hardware debug, I’ve check all components and soldering they are fine, I’m trying to figure out what is wrong but you dind’t respond to my answer, which could be useful to debug the board (or alt least give me usefull additive infromation):

This would help me to debug.
Is the PMIC in the TX2 influenced only by the power pins in Figure 8 or there are any pins to check?


The pins from/to PMIC are all listed in Power Block Diagram in OEM DG including the PU/PD of them. The POWER_BTN# pin (B50) has its PU in the module, so did you add any other component on it so as to pull it down always as broken? As I said, it looks like single board issue of soldering or component, it is hard to tell the root cause from what you said. It may need to check the power part related components one by one to find out.