Jetson Tx2 product planning

Hi Folks,
World is full of entrepreneurs and companies making wonderful products using Tx2. I am wondering what is best way to optimize cost of a consumer product based on TX2 platform ?

For a embedded vision product - BOM run really high …

  1. TX2 SOM - $399
  2. Carrier board - $150-$199
  3. Cameras - $29-$150
  4. SD card - $40+
  5. Batteries, enclosure etc.

The BOM for such product starts touching $600+. I would like to check -

  1. How fellow developers are planning to control cost ?
  2. Whether nvidia is planning favorable cost of SOM to take TX2 from being developer only gadget to populating millions of diverse consumer products ?


Is a JETSON really appropriate / required for a $29 camera? :-)