Jetson TX2 programming

I AM using the Jetson TX2 as part of a robotics application. Currently I use the Jetpack 3.2.1, specifically the flash utility and the Jetson, devkit board and USB cable to program the TX2. I am creating a manufacturing test for the assembly that is using the TX2 and I would like to automate the programming of the TX2. Is there an API or DLL set for Windows 7/10 64bit that would allow the programming of the TX2 via my test software?

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You could try installing Windows Subsystem for Linux and see if the flashing scripts from Jetpack will work.
However, WSL is not driver-compatible with all Linux devices, so it may not properly expose the USB ports; you’ll have to try it to find out.
If that doesn’t work, then you’ll have to run Linux on the manufacturing system instead of Windows.