Jetson TX2 randomly freezes

I’m using Jetson TX2 with an Orbitty Carrier from Connect Tech. I’m using it mounted on a motorbike for a mobile LPR solution. We use the bike’s battery and an extra battery to power the Jetson, two IP cameras, a USB GPS and a 4g router. No monitor attached.

Sometimes, completely randomly, the Jetson freezes and the only way to restart it is to disconnect it from the battery. When it freezes, I cannot connect via putty, and attaching a monitor does nothing, blank screen.

The logs I’ve checked show nothing. Activity until the very last second before freezing and then the boot up sequence.

Is there any place I should check for errors? Any suggestion? I have no idea what to do.

I thought maybe the batteries dropped down voltage for a brief moment causing Jetson to halt, but it really doesn’t seem to be the case. The system is at 12.6V on average.


You may need to attach a serial console prior to lockup (probably not easy on a motorcycle).

Barring that there may be ways to use sysrq key combinations to force dump if some part of the system is still alive (and it may be that it isn’t). Just to see if sysrq is possible, the next time it locks use your keyboard in this combination and see if it reboots (if it does sysrq can be used):

# call sync:
# remount rootfs read-only:
# immediate reboot:

Hint: “SYSRQ” is the same key as the “PRTSCN” and is usually near the HOME/DELETE/INSERT keys.

FYI, Jetsons can be sensitive to momentary fast voltage drops. Even a 1uF capacitor right at the power connector might help. Better yet, perhaps 1000uF plus 1uF.

Disconnected the battery from the bike (so it doesn’t charge with the alternator) and bought a buck boost for the Jetson. So far it didn’t freeze again. I’ll continue testing it.

Thank you very much,