Jetson TX2 reboot stuck at nvidia logo

I am an inexperienced user currently utilizing a BOXER-8170AI embedded AI@Edge box PC powered by Nvidia Jetson TX2. I was able to boot Ubuntu 18.04 successfully, however, after I rebooted, the boot screen is stuck at the nvidia logo.

Before I rebooted, I was attempting a reinstall of cuda. I followed a site which provided the below lines:
sudo apt --purge remove “cublas*” “cuda*”
sudo apt --purge remove “nvidia*”
I ran both.

  1. Could they have caused the reboot to fail (I’m pretty new to this and I could totally have made a stupid mistake).
  2. Otherwise, I didn’t do anything else before rebooting. What else could have caused the error?
  3. If it caused the error, is there any way I can boot properly?

This one looks like a dangerous one… I am not sure what is going on to your board. If this is devkit, you can try to dump the log from uart.