Jetson TX2 reset\powerdown issue

We use jetson tx2 board with 12V 5A power supply.
It has been work fine for a while, but recently problems have emerged.
It can reboot or shutdown some times.

After that fault I read pmc/pmic controller status from dtb and got:

root@jetson:~# cat /proc/device-tree/chosen/reset/pmc-reset-reason/reset-level 
root@jetson:~# cat /proc/device-tree/chosen/reset/pmc-reset-reason/reset-source 
root@jetson:~# cat /proc/device-tree/chosen/reset/pmic-reset-reason/reason 
root@jetson:~# cat /proc/device-tree/chosen/reset/pmic-reset-reason/register-value 

And I can’t find what is “MBSLD” and what I need do for fix this reboots?

Hi, MBSLD means “shut down due to main battery low”, you can check the VIN_PWR_BAD_L signal to see if any abnormal.

I have the same problem but reset-reason/reason was:


any idea what these mean?


This is a more complicated case. We need to do further investigation.

Could you share how you see this log? In bootloader?

as i remember 0x40 is watchdog in the PMIC
I think about voltage regulators with high resistance in feedback(100KOhm), but not researched it.
We replace jetson’s with this problem to new from the box and it solve issue.


Are you talking about the same issue here as florentin.vonfrankenberg?

yes. in our cases after jetson stall(or poweroff according to leds and fan state), after reset in /proc/device-tree/chosen/reset/pmic-reset-reason/register-value we got 0x10 or 0x50 value

so it has been fixed after change to new module?

to new “tx2 developer kit”. we use standard devkit entirely.
we are not tried to replace only tx2 module.
we’ll try it next time.

After some weeks without problems, it happens again:

root@jetson:~# cat /proc/device-tree/chosen/reset/pmic-reset-reason/reason 
root@jetson:~# cat /proc/device-tree/chosen/reset/pmic-reset-reason/register-value 
root@jetson:~# cat /proc/device-tree/chosen/reset/pmc-reset-reason/reset-source 

After some time of work, the network connection becomes down without any reason. SOC, PCIE Power and PWR leds are off. For make Jetson work again users unplug-plug power cable(we are install resistor for start on power appears).

Hi kko-smol,
Sorry but I don’t get your backstory here.

So you are co-working with florentin.vonfrankenberg and even your new device also gets pmic reset error?

Do you always hit this error on devkit or your custom carrier board…?

Hi NV people

how to check VIN_PWR_BAD_L in system??

Please check schematic and PCB file of board to find out the components on it to scope.

i’m not co-working with florentin.vonfrankenberg.

I have ~15 devices based on TX2 devkit with custom camera board.

Usually new device not have problems. They are work fine over some months before fault first time. Then time between faults decreases from one fault per week to some fails per day. Replacing devkit(not camera board) to new solves issue for device.

Now I have 2 devkits with this problem, but I can not reproduce it on the table.

Do you run the test with pure jetpack BSP? Have you modified any sw/hw?

I not run any tests with pure BSP. What you cat suggest? stress + some CUDA example will okay?

We use custom camera-board (max9286 + ov10640-ov490).
Kernel built from sources with added support of our cameras.
BSP 28.2 and 28.2.1 with installed ROS.

All my tests in lab environment not reproduce issue. May be problem in EMC compability with other devices in usage environment.

Just want to figure out where is this issue from. Could you put module on devkit and see if you can still hit issue?

According to the data sheet of MAX77620, 0x50 indicates MBLSD, MBU and MBO.

Shutdown due to main battery low/ shutdown due to battery overvoltage lockout and undervoltage lockout.

TX2 module already on devkit. Our camera-board installed to devkit too, it is not motherboard for soc-module.