Jetson tx2 RTC battery health / status

We have a custom carrier board for the tx2 platform. We have one unit that is failing to keep time during a power cycle. In the logs I can see that the RTC is setting the time, so it looks like the rtc portion is functioning correctly
kernel: tegra_rtc c2a0000.rtc: setting system clock to 2000-01-01 01:00:05 UTC (946688405)
Fairly sure this is a dead rtc battery, but unit is in the field currently. I was wondering if there is any calls to the rtc / max77620 that can be used to check the rtc battery status? Would like to add this to our future logging if possible.
Thank you,

hello rctaudio,

please check Jetson TX2 Series OEM Product Design Guide, you may use A50 / VDD_RTC for reference,
please also refer to Topic 49220 and Topic 41893 as see-also.

Hello JerryChang,
I have already looked over that, and those 2 Topics listed don’t really shed any light on this question I have. Let me try rephrasing it.
Are there any log messages generated ( journalctl ) when an RTC battery is not present / defective? Or are there any other suggestions to remotely asses the health of the RTC battery?
It seems that we have many units that are setting their systemclock to the same 2000 date mentioned above, and it would be great if we could explicitly check battery health.
Unfortunately I did not see any calls that would help in the TX2 TRM, but I’m just reaching out to see if I’m missing anything here.
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The PMIC max77620 does not monitor RTC battery voltage. You can use rechargeable battery and keep NTP (Network Time Protocol) enabled in software to automatically synchronize time over networks.