Jetson TX2 SDK 4.4 - Boot up Stuck on Nvidia Logo

Hello, I received a new nvidia jetson tx2 board and was installing jetpack 4.4 while i was doing this i had issue with multimedia API but later then once the system boots i saw ubuntu working but while i reinstalled the 4.4 sdk I saw that my jetson board got stuck in nvidia logo. i only see logo when i power on.
below are the logs for build jetapck 4.4 and serial console, can you help me solve this issue .

System requirements : ubuntu 18
Jetson Tx2
Jetpack 4.4
Logs also show USB and recover mode setup but I am not sure why i see the logo stuck forever.

[Jetsontx2 - build - 4.4 - error|attachment](upload://9dPcrZ2SAeA1QoHxG0f58h8ONpu.4 - error) (18.4 KB)
[jetsontx2-build-4.4-serial console log|attachment](upload://9aV1A2LdmbuxtBcFkkt0nq8HJE1.4-serial c) (31.3 KB)

Looks like the attachment failed. If those are log files, then just make sure they end with file name suffix “.txt” and it should go through.


I just attached the files with extensions please look into it and let me know on next steps.

serialconsolejetson-tx2.txt (31.3 KB)

Jetson-Tx2-sdk4.4-errors.txt (18.4 KB)

Was the serial console log from normal boot? It gets to the kernel load and then wants network boot. I know there are some new options with the most recent JetPack, but need to verify if the log is from an “ordinary” boot attempt or something else. If this was from a normal boot attempt, then something is quite wrong that it is attempting network boot.

Sometimes network boot is a fallback if no local persistent memory is present.

Hi , yes I keep getting this and somethings not right I did try methods from forum here and seems like I am not successful, do you think I should RMA .

This might be hardware failure where it fails to find local memory, but it might also be a bad flash. If the system booted after the flash and worked for some time and then failed, then this is likely hardware failure. However, if you flashed and this never booted I’d say chances are in favor of this being a corrupt flash and not hardware failure.

You should describe if this ever booted after flash, and also describe the host PC and anything unusual, e.g., if you flashed from a VM, was the host Ubuntu 18.04, so on.


Yes the system booted and I saw Ubuntu working fine on target but when I did a power cycle I see it’s stuck on logo .

This is not on a VM it’s dell host pc running Ubuntu 18.04 , jet pack 4.4. I have jetson TX1 it works fine but I am not able to fix this issue on the new tx2 board based on all the research that I did on forums here .

Hi , please let me know if I need to RMA the hardware. I have a project on hold .

There have actually been a number of laptops (and Intel NUCs) which did not work for this, and although this is probably an RMA case, do you have another Linux computer you can test from? Otherwise, I’ll suggest this is an RMA case.


        I have VM’s but they seems like they don’t help me execute the sdkmanager to connect to jetson or solve the problem here. Hence I bought this machine as I had trouble with VM’s.

Assuming nothing is wrong with the host PC, then it probably is time to RMA. Someone from NVIDIA would need to comment though.

Thank you ! How do I get the comment … is there someone else I need to reach out to .

You are already in the right place. This is very actively monitored. On the other hand, here is the actual location of instructions for RMA: