Jetson TX2 SDK installation problem

I flashed the Jetson tx2 dev board successfully with the SDK manager and after setting up the user account, the SDK manager tries to install the software package like cuda but the installation fails. The terminal shows that it connected to the board via ssh successfully but then there are many messages that say ERROR: command terminated with error and then fails to install anything else.

Often it is a case of some network connection to the outside world (to find a package to copy over ssh to the Jetson) failing, e.g., due to firewall or proxy. Sometimes it is just a problem of some prerequisite, or of a package repository changing. You’d need to post the full log for anyone to be able to be specific.

sdkm-2021-08-01-11-14-27.log (475.3 KB)

Hi sammy,

According to the log, at the beginning of the installation, the ssh connection from host to Jetson target is good. However, during the installation, the connection to Jetson board is lost.
11:15:54.768 - error: NV_L4T_CUDA_TARGET_POST_INSTALL_COMP@JETSON_TX2: lost connection

Can you please check if you could manually connect Jetson TX2 from your host with ssh command?

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