Jetson TX2 SdkManager Last Version, Jetpack 4.2 Installation, Unable To Close Debug Port


With this sdk manager release, I try to install JetPack 4.2 to my Jetson TX2, I do edit the configuration file inside




like I used to do Jetpack 3.3. I close the debug port and edit pcie express entrance activation for my pcie express card. While doing this works on Jetpack 3.3, this edit of the configuration does not work for last release of sdkmanager, Jetpack 4.2 installation.

Btw after editing the configuration file i save the archive and close the internet connection so that SdkManager does not redownload the configuration file directory.

What should I do to close the debug port and change odm in configuration file on last SdkManager version?

I do the same things as here

How about not using sdkmanager and directly use the flash script under Linux_for_Tegra?

How to do that, it seems installation files have changed a bit?

Please refer to the L4T documentation for how to flash the board. In fact, sdkmanager also run the same script to flash the board.

Run below command under Linux_for_Tegra.

sudo ./flash jetson-tx2 mmcblk0p1

And you will see the flash log on terminal. You can find the odmdata value in the log.