Jetson TX2 Series Pinmux Template 3.21 DSI Lane Polarity Swapping Error

Hi all,

For this post, I will refer to Jetson-TX2-Series-Pinmux-Template_3.21.xlsm from the download center.
In this pinmux spreadsheet, we have

For DSI3_D1 lane, we can see that in the pinmux spreadsheet, pin E29 is negative and E30 is positive.
This contradicts the module datasheet:

taken from page 54 of Jetson_TX2_Series_Module_DataSheet_v1.6.pdf

It seems that the pinmux spreadsheet is incorrect. When the dtsi file is generated, the pinmux dtsi file does not contain an entry of dsi signals. Perhaps MIPI DSI is not part of the pinmux, so it does not matter. Or, TX2 MIPI DSI Phy supports polarity inversion, so this polarity swapping is resolved automatically.

Hi, the pinmux sheet is incorrect, we are checking this. It will be updated once available, thanks.

The pinmux sheet will be updated in new release.

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