Jetson TX2 shuts down automatically


my new Jetson TX2 shuts down automatically. I have just installed the JetPack v3.3.

Video attached:

same if I start the Jetson:

I hope someone can help me.

The red power LED shouldn’t go off like that. It seems you have either a defective carrier board or a defective module (carrier board seems most likely). However, you’d really need to measure the power brick output while this occurs to see if it’s really the power unit dying (in which case the module/carrier would be good). Even if it is just the power brick you’ll probably end up doing RMA.

If interested in RMA you can search for RMA instructions near the top of this:

Note: If you choose to test the power unit, then it would most likely have to be under load to know what is going on…simply measuring with a meter wouldn’t discharge any capacitors. An actual barrel connector which appears to be the right size might not be an exact fit for what the Jetson requires. It is known that people using custom power supplies (or perhaps simply an adapter to make measuring voltage easy) can cause the unit to not boot, and so unless you use a barrel connector which is known to work it wouldn’t be a valid test.

On the other hand, it looks like that center pin might be exposed slightly on the carrier board’s barrel connector socket. Pin 1 of J21 is a good ground, and if you can measure the voltage on that center pin and see if it continues to supply power after the LED dies off, then you’ll know it’s not the power brick. I think my TX2’s power, when not connected, is about 19V; when connected but off, the exposed pin is about 16.5V; and when on it drops a bit further (if I recall right it was in the 12V range under full load, but I’m not sure if I had a good connection).