Jetson TX2 stress test

Hallo everyone,

I would like to make a full stress test on the Jetson TX2 (preferaby both CPU and GPU simultaneously) to measure the maximum power consumption I can expect and check whether our cooling solution is sufficient. Is there any recommended tool to do that or can anyone recommend one that is compatible with the Jetson?

Thanks in advance!

I cannot mention any tool for this, but what you can do is:

  1. boost your jetson to max perf:
sudo nvpmodel -m0
sudo /home/nvidia/
  1. Run tegrastats for monitoring resources usage:
sudo /home/nvidia/tegrastats
  1. Launch various applications loading CPU, GPU, EMC, NVDEC, NVENC…You may just add more and see…
    Probably gstreamer would be helpful, you may launch many pipelines loading more and more the available resources until you get almost everything close to 100%.

The CUDA toolkit n-body sample tends to consume a lot of GPU resources.