Jetson Tx2 Stuck while Booting Up

Hey There,
Developers i was trying to run a python code which calculate
10000000 fibbonaci number in my jetsontx2

since system was unable to process that much
i increase system ram’s through jtop
by 10 gb

now i was able to compute my code that time
but after restart

it is unable to load desktop manager gdm3

its getting stuck while booting

the only lines i can see on my monitor is:

cp :not writing through dangling symlink ‘etc/resolv.conf’

[1.965318] cgroup: cgroups2 :unknown option “nsdelegate”
[2.925073] scsi 2:0:0:0: CD-ROM JIO 4G CD-ROM 0318 PQ:0 ANSI: 2
[2.981345]using random self ethernet address
[3.018648] using random host ethernet address
[3.843065] using random self ethernet address
[3.855565] using random host ethernet address

now what happen is eariler i gone through same issue so what i did
is connected my tx2 through microusb
and through the serial setup (minicom)

i was able to login through cli and removed the /Swpfile

which causes this errror but this time when connected through minicom
instead of /dev/ttyACM0 channel i got this /dev/ttyGS0
and there the credentials i put not allowing me to login into my tx2
as you can see on below screenshot
Screenshot from 2023-01-02 13-48-57

this ACM to GS0 i didn’t have idea

so i am not able to communicate

is there any good method like usb ssh
but i didn’t have any tutorial as how can i get the ip of tx2
when tx2 is not booting up

can anyone help me out of this?


Are you using the devkit or custom board?

You could refer to the following link of serial console for TX2 devkit.
You need a serial console cable and the USB port would be /dev/ttyUSBx
Serial Console - NVIDIA Jetson TX2 - JetsonHacks

After you access serial console, you could use ifconfig to check the available network interfaces and IP address of your board.

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