Jetson TX2 - TRT3/CUDA9 upgrade

Hi all,

We have products deployed at clients using TRT2/CUDA8
Problem, padding is not handled and it has consequences on the result of our soft.
So we decided to switch to TRT3/CUDA9

To do so, we uninstalled CUDA8, same for TRT2 & openCV
We installed then CUDA9, TRT3 & OpenCV.
to do so we used the deb packages provided in Jetpack 3.2 (version arm64 of course)

But when we launch our service, we have this error :

[2018-02-21 09:10:59.120] [segnet] [info] createInferBuilder
terminate called after throwing an instance of 'nvinfer1::CudaError'
  what():  std::exception
Aborted (core dumped)

Do you know why ?
We also have a version on PC that was ok.
And i am pretty sure that when i flashed a Jetson (tX2 by the way) from scratch, it worked correctly.

Thx for your help


GPU drivers of rel-28.1(JetPack3.1) and rel-28.2(JetPack3.2) are different.
So CUDA 9.0 won’t work with the image flashed by JetPack3.1.

An alternative is to upgrade TensorRT only.
We have an public TensorRT 3 RC package which can work with JetPack3.1/CUDA 8.0:


Hi tahnk you very much for this feedback.
I will try this !