Jetson TX2 unable to restart after fluction of electricity

i was working on jetson TX2, suddenly electricity gone.
when electricity came back and i tried to start the jetson,it is not getting start.
what should be the reason behind it!

Can it enter recovery mode? What’s the system voltage/current (can be read thru a DC supply) ? If it can’t power on anyway, it might because something broken for some reason. You can run RMA for it.

You should also consider a serial console boot log. This shows information before Linux even loads. If this fails to show anything, then hardware failure is high on the list. @Trumany mentioned being able to enter recovery mode, and if that cannot be entered, then flash won’t be possible. You can read here about serial console:

I mention serial console because even if something non-hardware has failed, then you will probably want to know at what stage to see if you can recover with some simple method. If not, then recovery mode is required to either clone or to restore.

Its 3v.CR 5 is blinking fr 1 second, but not able to start.

I highly suspect the carrier board has a hardware failure.