Jetson TX2 unable to startup after installing Jetpack 3.1

Hello all:
So I just installed Jetpack 3.1 on my newly purchased TX2, and it was working fine before I shut it off. After rebooting it goes into infinite reboot loop. After the booting issue comes out I have tried re-install both Jetpack 3.1 and 3.0, and it would just stuck at “successful-determine IP address.” My host PC has Ubuntu 14.02 OS while installing. I’ve also used serial-console connected to TX2 board to read system messages, and saw how it kept rebooting.
Is there anyway to fix this issue or restore the system? Any assistance is very much appreciated.

If you turn on logging from serial console, then posting a log of a single boot would be useful. FYI, you can always flash again, but if something is wrong the next flash might have the same issue.

Since you have serial console, please also test if things improve when all USB and HDMI monitor devices are disconnected…check with just the serial console.