Jetson TX2 usb and fan issue

Dear community

i am almost unexperienced in embedded stuff and i need some help with TX2. I have booted Jerpack 3.1 and everything was seeming ok. But when i power on the jetson USB ports do not work. If i set the jetson in recovery mode and restart this time usb ports work. And even the heatsink get extremely hit fan never starts. I have tried to execute but it replies cant access fan. I have read this issue may be related to something called dtb ? I am totally new to this stuff. What is dtv? can anyone explain how to overcome these problemes with really basic explanation.


I don’t know about the fan. If you are using the default development board, then flashing any JetPack should be ok so far as dtb goes.

Device tree is a modular way of naming setup of specific hardware without having to customize the kernel for every hardware setup. The boot loader and other software typically need to set up registers or other details of various peripherals (think clocks, USB modes, so on) before a driver can actually use the device. The device tree is how this is stored on disk for initial setup of the hardware. The dts file is the device tree source, the dtb file is the device tree binary…the dtb is compiled via the dtc application from a dts file to produce the dtb file.

You would typically change the device tree if you use an alternate carrier board (it has alternate peripheral devices). Sometimes a pin on the Jetson can have multiple function, and you may want to use the alternate function instead of the default function…this too could be accomplished via a device tree. In the case of a different carrier board you’d need a completely new device tree (there may be parts in common with another device tree, but the module would be non-functional without the update).

Are you using original nvidia’s DevKit board or third-party carrier board? I never had any issues with USB or FAN on DevKit board, but I saw similar issues using third party carrier board.



it s an original Jetson TX2 development kit which i have bought as a single piece. (not third party)

Temperature should remain rather trivial in a normal boot, as well as in recovery mode. If there is significant heat with nothing on USB (except perhaps a keyboard and mouse), then there is probably a hardware failure indicated when heat goes up as you described it.

Hi, I have the same problem as described.

I flashed Jetpack 3.2 over stock Jetpack and USB isn’t working.

now I’m stuck cause the System can’t get any input trough USB.

could this be a Voltage problem? because when I connect usb Hub the light turns on
but nothing I connect is recognised.

Will try to flash 3.1 stable and give reply if it happens too.

Sorry for my Denglisch!

My host doesn’t like JetPack3.2 so I have no ability to test the R28.2 pre-release. It sounds like 3.1 works, but 3.2 has USB problems. Is that correct? The only thing I can suggest is adding serial console and seeing if that shows up.

installed Jetpack 3.1, same behavior USB isn’t working anymore.

I’m very dissapointed.

I’m trying to get that damn thing running for three Days now!

think I RMA and get my money back

Hi icetorium & eadzon64,

Do you have any log of this? That might be helpful to locate the issue. And if possible, you can use multi-meter to measure the input current to dev kit to check if any component broken which usually causes high current.