Jetson TX2 USB not working


I have a Jetson TX2, and yesterday the all the USB connected devices stopped working. I thought it was the USB hub, but when I plugged every one of them directly to the Jetson, none of them worked. I couldn’t get into Jetson to change any settings, so I reflashed it with Jetpack 3.3, and on the first boot after reflash it worked. But when I came in today, the USB devices wouldn’t work anymore, and the resolution was changed. Can anyone help me?


Do you see USB related errors messages in the output of command dmesg ?
You can also run

dmesg --follow

in terminal and look at generated traces when you plug/unplug the USB devices.
Is it the same on both micro-USB and full size USB connectors ?

I did some troubleshooting, it was the I2C connections, I have no idea why, but it would brick the USB ports. Thank you for your answer anyway.

hi ritroboticscro,
Can you try Jetpack 3.1(r28.1)? would like to try different SW revision to see if it is related to SW.