Jetson tx2 - Wipe Internal eMMC

I would like to know how to wipe the jetson tx2 internal eMMC.
flashing an image that just calls shred or uses dd at startup won’t succeed since the kernel & those utilities won’t be loaded entirely into the RAM & requires the kernel to fetch some pages from the eMMC, at some point that won’t possible since those pages would be already wiped…
So I’ve thought that booting from uart could solve this “catch-22”-like paradox.

That being said - I would like to boot my jetson tx2 from uart in a way which resembles the way beaglebone black boot from uart.
Can it be done? and if so, how can I do it?
If the jetson would uart boot with a small initrd image I could use shred & dd since they will be in the RAM, or alternatively perform a network boot from the u-boot & the kernel in order to boot an image with shred or dd which isn’t stored in the eMMC

Beaglebone black’s BootRom can load a bootloader (called x-loader) to the RAM via uart.
Afterwards the x-loader can load u-boot into the RAM via kermit (over the same uart) and then there’s u-boot.
u-boot can load the linux kernel with tftp & the kernel loads the rootfs over nfs .

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L4T kernel boots to initrd and then proceeds to filesystem in emmc. You can provide a fake root= in kernel command line while flashing. this will make sure that initrd fails to find filesystem and gives you a prompt on initrd, either on the hdmi console or uart console.
sudo ./ jetson-tx2 mmcblk1p1

You can pack more tools to the default initrd and erase complete EMMC using the tools or use dd
the img is l4t_initrd.img