Jetson Tx2 with replaced EMMC.

We Replaced the stock emmc with 32gb emmc and flashed the images using But it stucked with message “waiting for root device /dev/mmcblk0p1”.
Please someone help.

singhravi189, the driver support is limited to the particular device which ships with Jetson TX2. Did you replace the eMMC with an identical part?

If there was a problem with it, did you try RMA’ing the product?

Thanks for response!!
Can you pls clarify below points

  1. The replaced EMMC is not identical to stock emmc. What driver changes are needed?
  2. Is the behaviour same in Jetson tx1?
  3. For replaced emmc, The driver crashes during mmc initialization, does it mean, it’s tightly coupled with stock emmc part no?
  4. Even after, mmc driver crash, I was able to boot the device if the rootfs is supplied thru sd card.

Changing out the eMMC (or any component internal to the module for that matter) is unsupported and will void the warranty — same for TX1.