Jetson TX2 WLAN/BT LED function

WLAN/Bluetooth has integrated on the Jetson TX2 module. Does TX2 module have dedicate pin to enable external LED blink when WLAN is active, such as pin44 LED_WLAN# of mPCIe slot?
If there is no such dedicate pin, can normal GPIO achieve this function(blink LED when WLAN is active)?

TX2 don’t support this function.
Normal GPIO control LED is OK but need find some way monitor WLAN power on or data transmission, no idea how to do that.

I have two questions about how to implement the WLAN LED blink as below, please help to check.

  1. The integrated BCM4354 has internal GPIO_7 that can be used as WL_LED. Could you help to check if this GPIO_7 is connected to X1 of TX1 and Parker of TX2. I think software can read this status of GPIO_7 and assign another GPIO of TX1/TX2 module to blink WLAN LED.
  2. If question one’s answer is NO, can software read BCM4354 driver to know when to blink WLAN LED?

BCM4354 GPIO_7 leave no connect on module.