Jetson TX2i Long Boottime Issue

I have JetsonTX2i and the boot time of my Jetson is very long.

Before the first sliding texts appear it takes 25 seconds. After that it takes 16.001 seconds for desktop to come.
The result of systemd-analyze is :
8.036s (kernel)
7.965s (userspace)

I checked the running services and closed the unnecessary ones and I disabled the ECC but I cannot get feasible result.

How can I get shorten this boot time or is it impossible because of the hardware.

And why does it takes 25 seconds after starting the device for sliding text to appear? What does happen in that time?

How can we shorten this time?

Are you using rel-28 based release or rel32?

If you are using rel-32,
there is a Boot Time Reduction section in L4T documentation. It is primarily for jetson Nano, but I think you could also apply the gdm part for TX2.

I am using JetPack 4.2
And could you provide me the reference that you are mention ?
I cannot understand that what is “gdm” ?


GDM stands for gnome display manager and is the default display manager after ubuntu 18.04 in our release.

Please download document from our download center.