Jetson TX2i Module

Dear all developers,

We are developing our own product with TX2i Module.

Before we start, we have a question.

As i know about the thermal limit is max 70 degrees Celsius.

what if the temperature goes up to 85 degrees Celsius, what would be happened?

if the module would be shutdown itself, would it have the problem for running on the board? or would it be happened just the moment?

please help with this.

Hi, please check the TX2 series thermal design guide in DLC first. The key point is to monitor temperature of TTP less than 85C for TX2i module.

we check the guide in DLC and TTP.

we are trying to pass the examination only.

after we pass, if we produce, the temperature won’t go up to 80C.

but, for the examination, is that okay to use the module after temperature goes up to 80C just that moment?

Do you mean the temperature of TTP is 80C? That’s fine.

Actually, the Module temperature went up to 101C at once.

I checked the TX2i module data sheet, it says 105C.

even the module’s temperature didn’t go up to max but why it was shut down itself.

and the module is not working well.

How did you measure the temperature of your module?

We checked from the Tegra Stat.

how the temperature was changed and it stopped when it went up before limited temperature.

Please check the thermal management guide

This table shows the hw/sw shutdown temperature of the module. 101C is exptected.