Jetson Tx2i Operating life

The FAQs below has information about the operating life of TX2/Tx2i. I can see for Tx2i it is about 10 years and some 2,505,155 hours.

The question I have is - is there a way to know the number of hours a Jetson Tx2i module has operated already. Does Jetson store this number somewhere ? Thanks

Hi FM2461,

I don’t think there is a record in Jetson Tx2i module itself for how many hours has operated already, usually the lifetime was given under industry standard test to do the estimation.
Is this important on your use case or just curious?


Hi Kaycc,

Thank You for your response.
We have few tx2i units that we’ve been using/operating for a while now (~ 1.5 years) and are currently evaluating those units for deployment in the field. The number of hours operated so far would have given us some estimation on the expected number of hours for the module to operate in the field. Further we could have used the number as an additional attribute that we could monitor for the field deployed device.

Additional related question -
Where can I find more information about tx2i emmc - lifespan, max read/write cycles, reliability, degradation info etc.
Also, is it possible to read the wear leveling stats via some kernel interface ?

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