Jetson-TX2i Power ON Issue While Booting Module

We developed one Customized Board With Jetson-TX2i Module and FPGA. We facing One Problem with the Board.
The issue is When we power Up the Board, Both Jetson TX2i Power and FPGA Power On at a time. Both are On at a time, the jeston module not Boot up. when ever we split the power, i.e. only we powered Jetson module then only its boot up. other cases its not boot up. We designed FPGA Power ON is from CARREIR_POWER_ON Signal(Enable from jetson module). initially CARRIER_POWER_ON Signal is low, once jetson module boot up then only CARRIER_POWER_ON Signal is goes to high, then only FPGA Power is enabled and ON. But, in our BoARD CARRIER_POWER_ON Signal shows High,while power ON, Thats why FPGA POwer is ON. The problem we facing is Once Jetson Module boot up ,then only FPGA Will on, But in my Board both are power on at a time.
how can we reslove this Problem? VIN_POWER_BAD# Discharge circuit We removed in our board for place constraints. is there any problem with that VIN_Power_BAD# SIGNAL Circuit. please confirm it.

is there any posssible to set Delay of CARRIER_POWER_ON Signal pin on Jetson module??? Please slovethis issue?

Hi, we have provide the product design guide and reference schematic for your reference. Please follow that and check your design carefully to eliminate possible risks. The timing in module can not be changed. The key point of the power design is to let module power on first and then is the carrier board. That is to make sure the shared interface of module will not be affected by carrier board during power on.

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