Jetson TX2's performance suddenly decrease, don't know reason

A week ago, I run my face-id project, that achieved 7fps, but now, after one week, I dont know why my project just achieve 3-4 fps, I dont modify source code and any dependency library.

Project: Face-Id based on Tensorflow (FaceNet)
OS: Ubuntu 16.04
Board: Jetson TX2
Cuda/CuDNN: 9.0/
Tensorflow: 1.9.0

Hi hotdog160993,

Please try below commands then run again:

$ sudo reboot
$ sudo jetson_clocks

Thank you for reply, I have tried follow your instruction. But it doesn’t work.

This is far from a definitive way to see what is going on, but is this a stock kernel without modification, and if you run “htop” (“sudo apt-get install htop”) do you see one or more CPU cores being consumed? Does it show free RAM? Is the application you are looking at being run solely locally from a login at the TX2 and not remotely from an outside system?

Opps, sorry, my fault. I modify some code relevent to multi-processing :( really sorry.