Jetson, Ubuntu, and Cross Compilation

Can anyone tell me if cross compilation with Nsight is supported from an Ubuntu 14.04 host to a Jetson card?

If so, are there any guides to installation, compatibility and usage? Everything I see written up is for 12.04 and rather old-- it is extremely difficult to tell what versions of what work with what. (I.e., what version of Ubuntu, what version of CUDA, what version of Nsight or Jetpack, etc.)

I can at least get Ubuntu 14.04 to work in and of itself-- trying to get a fresh install of the outdated Ubuntu 12.04 has been a nightmare.


Also, can anyone specify what hosts the cross-compilation should work for?
My Ubuntu 14.04 host system is an amd64 image, i7-3540M hardware, but is choking on cuda-toolkit-6-5 and cuda-cross-armhf-6-5 toolkits, which other forums are suggesting is due to hardware incompatibility on the host end.

Any insight would be appreciated, here.

very easy, download in ubuntu14.04, then run it, make sure the tk1 connect to internet.if the tk1 board failed to download some file, delete /rar/lib/apt/list/*, and update.

Hi, Chenghaibo,

I’ve downloaded that package (as before) and am running it on the host system (as before.)
Can you clarify what you mean by the tk1 board being connected to the internet? Right now, it is attached to my router with an ethernet cable, but with no further configuration it has an address on my 192.168.. domain. I am ssh’d into it, just to prove I can. Is this sufficient?

It is in the first of several download cycles, but if it chokes at the same point it did previously, it will choke while installing packages on the host, not on the target.

make sure the board can down load the necessary package from internet, after the install, the folder cuda-l4t , OpenCV4Tegra can be found at /home/ubuntu, if you failed to download, you can run the and by hand, but you have to add some param to run the and run those shell file will down load some lib to support opencv and cuda at tk1