Jetson Unable to access Boson FLIR camera in code

I am trying to access a video stream from a Flir Boson Camera on a Jetson Nano. I was able to access the camera with ffplay in the terminal but when I try to open the video stream with openCV it cannot find the camera.

I also have a development container based on the image. In this container I both cannot access the camera on the command line AND via the ccode. Here I get the issue that my camera is not a v4l2 node.

Is there some drivers I need to install that I am missing ?
I am unsure how to continue to debug this issue.

What interface for your Boson?
IF USB, refer this link:

I was using openCV in C++ not python. I re-flashed my operating system and am no longer having issues (or at least that issue)… I’m unsure what solved it but I cannot replicate the issue any longer.

re-flash or reboot could be a solution sometimes!

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