Jetson Use Ethernet to scrub

Can a PC machine with Linux use Ethernet to flush Jetson devices?

Do you mean flash? Since this is in the Orin form section I’ll assume you have an Orin module. Flashing Orin requires the following:

1: An x86 linux (preferably Ubuntu 18.04 or 20.04) host operating system

2: A connected USB type C cable (The one next to the J40 connector)

I would use the Nvidia sdkmanager application as it’s really easy to use.

Flash requires the USB. In recovery mode the Jetson is a custom USB device. After flash completes and first boot setup is done, then the install software uses ethernet for “optional” package installs, e.g., CUDA. In recovery mode the ethernet is not active (there might be some network boot options once the system is flashed, but flashing itself won’t use this).

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